Where do I login? I'm a Customer and an Affiliate. 

Customers can login here, and Affiliates can login here.

They are separate accounts so be sure create and save each one. 


Can I add more items to an existing order to save on additional shipping fees?

Yes. Message us through the chat tool in the bottom right corner of the site. Tell us your existing order number and what you would like to have added. We will add the items and issue a new invoice for the cost of the additional products. Your shipping charge from your original order should cover additional items in most cases. We will let you know before invoicing you if the new items will be covered by it. Again, in most cases they should be.


My Shipping Charges Seem High

Orders outside of North America may be compensated for high shipping costs estimated at the time of the order. This will happen automatically and you don't need to do anything. Your invoice attached to your fulfillment notice will reflect the price changes and the card you have on file will be used to issue your compensation. Those who have paid with crypto will be issued USDC-SPL tokens to an address we will request from you.

Until we have a fulfillment center established in Europe it will not be possible for us to apply the difference we can save you with better carrier rates. We will continue to rely on our Texas location and USPS service to calculate what we know to be the most reliable solution for us at this time. We will provide new carrier options in the near future. Those who ordered prior to this change will be compensated as stated above at the time of fulfillment. SD begins to ship in June. V2 begins to ship in August.


Do I need to buy a Motherbored SD to go with the V2 Motherbored?

No. The Motherbored V2 comes ready to go with a card of its own. The Motherbored SD by itself it meant for people who already have a Raspberry Pi or want to source one themselves and make a DIY project out of it.


Do V1 owners get a discount on V2? Where do I find the discount code?

A 5% discount is available to all return customers who have previously purchased a V1. Just be sure to be logged in using the same account that you have had with us for V1. The discount code is BOREDMEMBER5